Clever Ways to Design with Flowers for the Super Bowl

DIY Super Bowl centerpieces

Clever Ways to Design with Flowers for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl takes place in the middle of winter, but that is no reason to skip flowers in your game-day decorations. In fact, it is the perfect reason to include them. Feature cut flowers in one or more ways to add a special or even whimsical touch to the occasion. At Miami Flower Market, we have the perfect blooms and pots to help you create a lively celebration for the Big Game.

DIY Flowers and Centerpieces for the Superbowl

In a Football Vase

Showcasing flowers in a football-style container extends the Super Bowl theme. Carefully cut off the narrow ends of a football, stand the ball vertically and place a vase of flowers inside it. Alternatively, cut a hole in the long side of a football, set a vase of flowers in the hole and rest the ball’s flattened opposite side on a level surface.

A football that you transform into a vase can be the size of footballs that professional players use, or it can be smaller.

Creating the image of a football also works. One option is to paint a picture of a football directly on a flower vase. Another method is to make it on paper or cardboard and then wrap that material around a vase. Whether a vase has been painted or wrapped with a football picture, setting it inside a clear, glass container adds sparkle. Do not be concerned about your artwork; the beauty of a football vase’s flowers will outshine any flaws.

As a Centerpiece

Flowers featured in a football-style vase can be a single color or a mixture of colors. White and yellow are among single-color blooms that stand out as focal points. A combination of bloom hues, such as red, white and yellow, however, also catches the eye. Either way, include flowers of different sizes and petal types to add interest. Such a floral decoration is suitable to use alone as the centerpiece on a dining table, coffee table or other prominent place.

As Part of a Centerpiece

Instead of a container of flowers serving as a centerpiece, it can be only one element of a centerpiece that carries the day’s theme. For example, a football vase holding deep-yellow blooms can rest on a green place mat that is on a green tablecloth, with both greens representing a football field. Add to the fun by surrounding the vase with pieces of candy, some wrapped in one color and some in a different color, like uniformed players of opposing teams. Complete the football field scene by putting a white yard line and the yard line number on the place mat.

A different approach is to set a vase of flowers between a miniature pennant that displays the word “Touchdown” and a small chalkboard on which you wrote a cheer for your favorite team.

In a Group

When set together, two or three vases containing flower bouquets create a single focal point. Multiple flower colors can be used in each vase, or each vase can hold its own color of blooms. For instance, only white flowers could be in one vase, only yellow in a second vase and only pink in a third vase. Whether you use them in the same container or separate ones, the flowers can be pastel or bright colors.

As Team Colors

Using flower colors that match the competing teams’ uniform colors is another way to decorate for the Super Bowl. Either select the main color of a team’s uniform or all of its colors. Each team’s corresponding flowers could fill its own vase, or both teams’ flowers could take opposite sides of the same container. Mixing them in the container is another idea.

With Playing Fields

In addition to flower arrangements, your Super Bowl decor can include miniature footballs resting on the blades of lawn grass growing in small containers. Set the amusing playing-field display amid flowers and your game-day snacks, where it will be enjoyed throughout the festivities.

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