DIY Cornucopia Centerpieces for Thanksgiving 🍁


DIY Cornucopia Centerpieces for Thanksgiving 🍁

With Thanksgiving at the door, it is time to bring out the fall leaves from outside and place them as decorations on your table. Make sure to bring in different colors and sizes. (If you live in a place where there are no fall leaves, run to your local arts and crafts store and buy some!)

Yes, you heard (or read) right.

This along with another fall idea we’re going to give you will be perfect décor that you can add to your dining room table to show you’re in the holiday spirit this Thanksgiving. In this blog post we will be discussing the cornucopia, and how you can make your own to display on your dining room table or elsewhere in your house.

Here’s what you will need to accomplish your Cornucopia project:

-A cornucopia, made of any material you would like but a wicker Cornucopia is commonly used and is the most popular

-fruits and vegetables, and flowers (of course!)



  1. Take the Cornucopia and place it where you would like to go already. This makes sure you do not mess it up or that it gets dismantled accidentally while you are transporting it from place to place.
  2. Stuff some straw into the Cornucopia all the way to the back so the flowers and produce can spill out from the opening and not have to be pushed to the back. The flowers and adornments should look to be overflowing from the entrance, thus giving the Cornucopia its signature look and significance
  3. Place some non-perishable or wax vegetables and fruits inside of the opening. You can use small pumpkins, apples, grapes, potatoes, etc. to make the fruits and vegetables of your Cornucopia. Make some accent vegetables the focal point in order for them to stand out. You can use an artichoke, a squash or an eggplant. As for flowers, you’ll want to use more long lasting ones like carnations, roses, gerbera daisies, sun flowers and bright greens like salal and eucalyptus.
  4. Place the leaves mentioned in the beginning of the article at the base of the Cornucopia in order to give it a “fall” look.
  5. Sprinkle some cranberries, blueberries or grapes around the entrance to give your table a more “bountiful” look as well

There you have it! A nice idea to help decorate your dining room table this year as you and your family and friends and other loved ones gather round to enjoy one of the beautiful and cherished holidays of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving!


By: Alexa Escalona

South Florals
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