PrintBeing a DIY bride doesn’t have to be stressful. It could potentially be the easiest part of your wedding other than when you say ” I do”. Just picture your bridal party along with your family making all your wedding arrangements for you at a considerably cheaper price that going through a florist.


You can buy your flowers whole sale, save money, and have Bridal Shower 2.0. Flowers should be the final touch on your wedding, they shouldn’t be an expensive headache. Being a DIY Bride gives you the opportunity to de-stress with your friends and family a couple days before the wedding.


Stop by for a FREE wedding consultation and and have our on site designer give you a tour of our cooler. He’ll give you a complete break down of the best flowers to use in your wedding, even if you haven’t even decided on the color scheme yet.


Schedule a one on one session with our designer once you purchase your flowers and learn all there is to know about flower arranging.


Go the extra mile and book a private class for you and your bridal party. You’ll all have the chance to learn how to make your arrangements and you’ll have a blast too.