Instructor Bio


If you’ve been to a Miami Flower Market class, then you know our instructor as the lively man who knows all about flowers and plants. But we know him more than just the man who has a passion for flowers.


Rene Blanco is a man who has been in the floral business for over 20 years and has no intention in stopping. He is known for his extravagant, high style floral designs (like the one above). In his years of working with flowers and floral design he has never not been fascinated by the beauty of flowers. To him, “working with flowers is working with natural, positive energy, it’s working with life.”


But as much as he loves flowers, they haven’t been his whole life. Rene began his career in his home country of Cuba, as an actor. Having studied all forms of theater and the theatrical arts, his first love is performing and entertaining. He worked as an actor for 17 years before working in the floral business. His acting career has taken him all over the world. He’s performed in Cuba, Spain, France, Italy, and in the United States.


His decision to transition into the floral industry came naturally to him. “I have always been fascinated with design and working with color to create harmony and balance. Working with flowers is creating living art.”