What kinds of services can a flower wholesaler possibly supply other than flowers? In actuality, there are quite a few handy dandy services that we offer. Being a flower wholesaler isn’t just about providing top notch flowers to those that walk through our doors. It’s also about equipping you all with the necessary tools to be your own florist. With events and classes, opportunities for special ordering, and possibly local delivery, all the tools you need are just a click or call away. We even want to extend a hand to Brides. We offer wedding opportunities you can not miss out on.


And for those of you who already happen to be florist, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. We want to work with you one on one. We understand how tough the business can be. Let us help you. Here at the Miami Flower Market, we have all the resources you need to make your business succeed. Just shoot us an email through our contact form to know what we have in stock and what we can order for you.


Miami Flower Market