August Spotlight: The Glorious Gladiolus

August Spotlight: The Glorious Gladiolus

This month’s Flower of the Month is Gladiolus. Gladioli (the plural form of Gladiolus) are named after their shape and appearance. The name stems from the diminutive form of gladius which means “sword” in Latin. When gladiolus is translated literally, it means “little sword.”

The origin of this flower comes from South Africa in which only seven varieties of gladiolus originally existed. Today, there are more than ten thousand cultivated varieties that stem from these seven original varieties of gladiolus. These flowers come in all types of sizes, heights, and colors. This means that you can #BeTheFlorist and select a specific variety of gladiolus that will fit just right to complete your floral creations.

Gladiolus itself symbolizes strength of character, remembrance, faithfulness, and moral integrity. When gifted to another, gladiolus can convey infatuation. Specific color choice of the gladiolus can further enhance the intentions of the gifter in which red expresses passion, white symbolizes purity, and yellow conveys friendship. You can give a gift that is more intentional to those close to you that are born this month or to those that need a reminder of how much they mean to you.

It is recommended that you place gladioli in a heavy vase made out of ceramic or glass, and the height of the vase should be one third of the length of the flowers. When it comes to watering gladiolus, don’t put more than six inches of water. If you desire to enhance your floral arrangements with gladioli, don’t cut them short to the same length as the other flowers. Their height adds to the composition of the arrangement, and will surely capture anyone’s attention.

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