Celebrate 4th of July with Red, White & Blooms!

Celebrate 4th of July with Red, White & Blooms!

Barbeque, fireworks, the red, the white and the blue; all this means one thing — happy birthday America! Yes, 4th of July brings out the patriot in all of us. So while you might have your food set up and the coolers filled, did you think of some patriotic blooms to tie it all together? It’s okay we have got you covered.

We have four easy floral arrangement looks you could do that will definitely add some American freedom to your 4th of July celebration.


To start off, you’ll need red, white, blue flowers. These flowers can be of your choice; it could be anything from some roses, carnations, and delphiniums to some asters, babies breath, gerbera daisies. Anything really as long as they have those patriotic colors. You can easily purchase some from our market here.


After this you’ll have to chose where to arrange these flowers. As many would use glass and colored vases, we decided to give you some good ol’ American rustic flair. Here are four different looks for 4th of July flower arrangements that do not use typical glass vases.



This classic mason jar has been a staple for that rustic wedding look. A more rustic twist includes wrapping it in some white lace or burlap.They can also come in various different colors to include a play on colors. For example, one could put all white flowers in blue and red jars. Change it up to your preference and style. It works great with intricate full arrangements or small bunches of flowers for a toned down look. They can be hung, set on tables, or placed outdoors.



Don’t want to go with the mason jar trend or a typical clear vase? Don’t worry! For a really shabby chic look, try a vintage bucket. Yes, you read that right, a bucket. Paired with the right flowers, this look creates a trendy, country appearance that keeps it homey but stylish all at once. We recommend building levels to the arrangement to make it really stand out and create depth. You can also contrast the vintage look with more elegant and simple flower choices.



If you want the country feeling, but no bucket, try woven baskets! Baskets are great for versatility and style as they can come in various sizes, colors and designs. With these you can make elaborate home decor or small centerpieces with small baskets. They work beautifully for that all-American picnic look, and can hold a lot more flowers depending on size and style.



Last, but not least would be some vintage vibes with glass bottles. This minimalistic look is perfect for small centerpieces or as hanging arrangements. If you really want to go retro-American, you can try using glass Coca-Cola bottles! Bottles are tall and look so nice with single stem flowers kept a little taller that the brim of the bottleneck. The great thing about this trend is how many pieces you can create with one bunch by just using two or three flowers per bottle. Like mason jars, they can also be hung, used on table-tops, and placed outdoors.


With the versatility of these looks, they really offer you a chance to get creative. They can be tailored to your style, so don’t be afraid of painting them, adding glitter, mixing and matching, or changing them up completely! These rustic looks create the perfect decor to tie into your celebration no matter the size or style. With this we leave you to #BeTheFlorist, and have a happy 4th of July!

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