DIY Halloween Flower Arrangements

DIY Halloween Flower Arrangements

Right about now you've got Halloween on the mind. If you enjoy crafty DIY projects to set a Halloween mood for your home, then check out these easy DIY Halloween flowers! These are some fun ideas for you to do at home, and we always have a few more up our sleeves! We hope to see you on Oct 27th for our Crafty Pumpkin Arrangement class!  

Ghost Vase Bouquet

DIY Halloween Flowers

This is a cute display that even kids will adore. All you need is a glass vase, some white paint, black cardstock, some ribbon and the flowers of your choice. It takes a little time but the results are well worth it.

To complete this look follow these instructions:

  • Clean the outside of the vase with soap and water
  • Paint vase with glossy white paint then let dry completely
  • Cut round shapes from black cardstock and use double-sided tape to attach them to the side of the vase
  • Cut black ribbon and wrap it around rim of vase, tie ribbon into a bow
  • Place flowers and arrange them in the vase

Creepy Vase and Hand

If you want something creepy and unusual follow these steps to make these DIY Halloween flowers and vase:

  • Stuff cotton into rubber glove and insert wires into fingers from glove opening
  • Bend wires to shape the fingers then attach press on nails to finger tips
  • Wrap glove around bud vase and secure with glue
  • Place white flowers into vase with a small branch
  • Position and glue false spiders onto flowers and glove, string additional spiders from branch

Skull Floral Centerpiece

This is incredibly simple and customizable with whatever type of flower you choose. To create this centerpiece:

  • Take life size decorative skull and remove top
  • Cut floral foam to fit inside the skull
  • Insert flowers of choice into foam and arrange to your liking

Orange and Black Floral Vase

This is a very simple arrangement.

  • With the right decorative orange or black vase, some orange lilies and black decorative touches including a bat or two, this will make a lovely piece for your table.
  • Top it off with an optional black or orange ribbon.
  • Use a black ribbon for an orange vase and an orange ribbon for a black vase.

Spider Web Vase with Purple Flowers

Black and purple go great together, especially for Halloween. To make this stylish vase, follow these instructions:

  • Draw spider web design on the outside of a glass vase with a marker
  • Trace over the marker design with hot glue and let it dry
  • Paint the vase with black spray paint, let paint dry completely
  • Fill vase with black netted/cheese cloth (creepy cloth) and let some hang over the rim of the vase Insert purple flowers, sticking the stems through the cloth
These are just a few great looks you can try. They are perfect for any home's Halloween decor.

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  • Andrea Mendoza