5 Awesome Ways to use DIY Floral Design for Festival Season

5 Awesome Ways to use DIY Floral Design for Festival Season
In some respects, the modern music festival has become almost another version of fashion week. News reports coming out of big festivals like Coachella are just as likely to center around festival fashion as they are the festival’s musical line-up. If you’re an avid festival-goer, you’ll want to get your flower fashion on. Here are some cute DIY fashion ideas to help you look smart (and flowery) as you rock to the beat.

Beautify Your Campsite

Get your festival groove on right off the bat by decking out your campsite in grand flower power style. Start by making a festival “teepee” of flowers. Gather up some dowels or some cool twigs - aspen twigs work nicely - and tie them together at the top to form a teepee triangle. Then take your choice of blooms - roses, irises, daisies, etc. - and fasten them to the tent poles. Make a small one for your campsite table. Or make a variation of this by decorating the opening of your tent or its support poles with long flower garlands. Even better yet, if your tent IS a teepee. Then, well, you know what to do to get your flower power on!

Sun Protection

It seems like floppy hats and music festivals just go together. Why not add a flower element to the mix for some extra summer sweetness? To do this, start with your favorite straw hat, preferably one with a wide brim and a band around the crown. Gather up your favorite flowers and make a small floral bouquet to tuck into the band of the hat. There is one thing to note about this festival craft: Your flower arrangement will be in the direct sunlight for days. This will make the arrangement wilt after a day or so. If you want to keep wearing this fashion statement to the festival, be sure to have some fresh blooms on hand to replace the old ones.

Hair Pieces

When the sun dips below the horizon, it’s time for your festival hat to come off and be replaced by a funky headband. An intricate floral arrangement plus some decorative ribbon get this festival craft started. To make the blooms stick to the ribbon, heat up your hot glue gun and put a dollop of glue in each spot that you want a flower. Allow to dry and then tie the ribbon around your head to create a flower headband. Using small blossoms works best for this craft.

Behind the Ear

A large orchid or poppy tucked behind the ear and fastened in place with a bobby pin makes a nice alternative to the headband. You can get flower singles from your florist (or your backyard, if you’re lucky enough).

Flower Earrings

Do you have an old pair of dangly hoops that you’d like to add some new life to? Then why not add a flower element to them? Gather up some florist’s wire, your old earrings, and your favorite kinds of blossoms. String the blooms onto the wires and then wrap the wires around the hoops. Tie off the wire.

You can also make a variation on this flower-inspired fashion statement. If you have two mismatched earrings that you can’t bear to throw out, try gluing your favorite flowers to them. The addition of these blossoms will make the earrings match, but still give your fashion statement a bit of a quirky flare.

Flower Bag

Complete your flower fashion getup with a swingy hip bag that you’ve painted flower designs on. A canvas or cotton bag works best for this. Get some T-shirt paint and paint on your flower/s of choice. Make the bag extra swingy by pinning some fresh blooms onto its flaps.

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