Get To Know MFM: Designer, Rene Blanco

Get To Know MFM: Designer, Rene Blanco

If you have ever taken a Miami Flower Market class, then you have already had the pleasure of meeting our instructor Rene Blanco and to those of you who haven’t… what are you waiting for?! Rene shares our passion for people and flowers and he can’t help but share that enthusiasm with his students. His classes are more than just a class; they are an event.

Rene’s love for entertaining and connecting with others began in his home country Cuba, where he studied many forms of theater and theatrical arts. Now, Rene is not only known for his extravagant and chic floral designs but also for his lively classes. It is easy to see why we are more than honored to have Rene as part of our Miami Flower Market family.


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