How To Care For Your Succulent

How To Care For Your Succulent

Not a single day goes by without succulents growing more and more popular. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are potted in some kooky items. These desert plants make great additions to office desks or kitchen counters and are perfect gifts. But why is it that succulents have become so popular? They’re incredibly easy to take care of. Follow these simple rules and your succulent will without a doubt live for many years.



Since succulents are drought tolerant, this means they can survive without water for several weeks at a time. They have to be watered when soil is dry to the touch, which is approximately every 7- 10 days, but this could differ in varying climates, so make sure to use the touch test to assure suitability. During each watering soak the soil thoroughly so that the water runs out of the drainage hole of the pot. In the winter months, water your succulents less frequently, as this is the natural dormancy period of many plants. Do not water succulents on overcast or rainy days. If they are in an area that rain water can reach your plant, over-watering will be harmful.



Succulents love light but not too much light. Give them as much light as possible, but be sure to avoid intense direct sunlight for long period of time. You don’t want to accidentally burn your plant! Your safest bet is about 4 to 6 hours of direct sun. If you keep your plant indoors having it near a window is enough. They won’t die but they won’t grow quickly either.



Succulents prefer dry climates over wet and muggy ones like Miami tends to experience. Most succulents prefer temperatures to between 60F and 90F. Which here in Florida is not hard to achieve. Be wary during the summer months, though, they should not be exposed to extreme heat. Add some shade cloth to protect them from direct sun when temperatures exceed 90F or move your plant to an area with less direct sunlight. Luckily succulents can withstand all kinds of temperatures including low temperatures, but no less than 45F to 40F. It is best not to water them while at this temperature because cold combined with water invites rot. That’s the last thing you want for your succulent.

These rules for taking care of succulents are not set in stone but it’s pretty much common law. With a little water, sunlight, and moderate temperatures, this little desert plant can grow as big as your palm.

By: Salome Mekantsishvili and Valeria Alva

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