July Spotlight: Delphiniums by the Dozen

July Spotlight: Delphiniums by the Dozen

This month’s Flower of the Month are Delphiniums. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘delphis’ which means dolphin. According to legendary myths, the flower was named after the Temple of Delphi who worshiped Apollo, the sun god, and it was said he favored the delphinium flower. Delphiniums symbolize new experiences, dignity, cheerfulness, goodwill, youth, renewal and encouragement. They are perfect to give as pick-me-ups, those who are going through changes and July birthdays.

They are natively grown in the Northern hemisphere and are usually standard in English, cottage-style gardens. Highly valued for its rich and vibrant blue hues, they can also come in white, pink, red, lavender and yellow. They can grow to beautiful, towering heights, or equally eloquent dwarf sizes.

These stately perennials are particularly tough to cultivate, and prefer moist summers over arid conditions. They should be placed in sunny, or partially sunny areas, and are often planted in masses. They require protection from strong winds and well-drained soil with a neutral or slightly-alkaline pH.

Delphiniums are sometimes dubbed larkspur, but the name larkspur usually refers to a species of delphiniums that are annual, rather than perennials.

With over 400 species of Delphiniums, they are typically used for their unique shape and lively colors. They are perfect for a splash of color, and distinct texture to various bouquets. Not to mention they also add height to any arrangement or garden, making them gorgeous head-turners sure to capture anyone’s attention. Although these colorful beauties can attract just about anybody, keep them away from pets and children as they are toxic if eaten!

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