Naturally Repel Those Nasty Mosquitoes

Naturally Repel Those Nasty Mosquitoes

It’s the time of year for sun, fun and (the dreaded) mosquitoes. No need to use harmful chemicals on your body, or in the air, to repel the blood-suckers - there are natural alternatives to combat the bugs, and it will add some pizzazz to your patio (and be pleasant on the nose!). Try adding any (or all) of these plants to those outdoor spaces you spend the most time in for a naturally mosquito-free area.


Not only are they a great addition to your plate, they are a great guest to have around to naturally repel mosquitoes. Incorporating basil, lemon balm, peppermint, pennyroyal, rosemary, lavender and sage plants around your entertaining area not only repels mosquitoes (and other flying bugs), some of the oils in these herbs are toxic to mosquito larvae. Not only do they repel mosquitoes, but some of these plants include other benefits such as, relaxation and stress relief remedies, and a pleasing, fresh scent.


Known as the “mosquito-plant”, and also known as citronella, this plant is one of the most popular mosquito-repelling plants. Though not the most effective at repelling mosquitoes off of humans (you must crush the leaves and rub on your skin), they are great at keeping flying bugs away from any surrounding plants.


Add a pop of color with marigolds. The lovely flowers of the marigold plant contain an ingredient often used in bug spray called pyrethrum. With direct sunlight and rich soil, these plants are sure to grow strongly, protect from mosquitoes, and a some brightness to your home.


The lemony scent of the geranium flowers is a natural mosquito combater. Their beautiful blooms will also perk up any space.

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