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DIY Events

Looking to make your event a bit more memorable with a personal touch? Perhaps want to cut down on the cost of decorations? Creating your own event flower arrangements can help with this! Whether a birthday party, luncheon, retirement party, divorce celebration, baby shower, or any other occasion, creating your own flower arrangements adds an extra special touch. Let your style shine at an affordable price!

We offer affordable bulk bunches of blooms for any bride across the United States, for any sort of event. We suggest ordering a small amount ahead of time to ‘practice’ for the big event, and you can even double duty these pieces as gifts for friends, family or colleagues.

If you’re in Miami (or have a destination event in Miami) and are looking for a little more guidance with your designs, we offer consultations and private classes to help you achieve your dream event blooms. And if you really want to make an event out, we can provide that as well. Schedule a class for you and any of your helpers and together you can all share in creating something truly special. You can significantly shrink your flower budget, you can learn something new and you can have fun doing it!

Fill out the form below with any questions and your contact information and we’ll be in touch to help you create your dream event!

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