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The Miami Flower Market is known for its vast variety of the most gorgeous flowers South Florida can offer. We have everything from roses to peonies as well as a large variety of succulents like aeoniums and echeveria, just to name a few. But what if you are looking for a statement piece, something like a heliconia or YES even a palm tree? Well we can get those to you as well! We can procure any flower, plant or floral supply that can assist you in creating your one of a kind masterpiece. 

 Of course some masterpieces take a bit more time than others and the delivery of its components are no different. So we recommend that you contact us in order to give you an approximate time of delivery. You can reach us by simply filling out the form below with a short description of what you are looking for and the date you need it by. You may also reach us at 1855-85FRESH (1855-853-7374) and one of our friendly flower specialists will gladly assist you. We at the Miami Flower Market are committed to making sure your flowers arrive quickly and are of the highest quality.

At the Miami Flower Market, we take pride in delivering the freshest florals. We use only the highest quality of flowers and guarantee the freshness of our flowers for 7 days after the order has been delivered.

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