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Pink Statice

Part of the limonium family, this unique shaped filler flower can be used in fresh arrangements or can be dried for use in an everlasting bouquet. Each stem contains multiple blooms per stem. These low maintenance flowers can dry over time with little change in appearance. Each half box contains 50 stems, each full box contains 100 stems. This item is available for next day delivery.
In stock

Substitution may occur

Occasionally, substitution of flowers, plants, or containers may occur due to local and seasonal availability. We take the utmost care to ensure the same style and color scheme of the arrangement is maintained using similar items of equal or greater value.

Why bud stage?

To ensure the freshest flower delivery, certain flowers may arrive in their bud stage. This increases your flowers’ shelf life so you can enjoy them longer. Please allow 2-3 days for the flowers to reach full bloom.

Arrangement may look different

The arrangement that is delivered contains the same number of flowers but they are arranged throughout the entire vase, which may make it look different than what was pictured.

Responsible approach

Just trust our professionals.

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